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We have gotten lazy when it comes to a lot of the tasks we do in our lives. We don't put the effort into everything we do. We don't always "Do Your Best."

And it's easy to get by with that because in a lot of instances it doesn't matter that much. But, ...

What if your computer worked only most of the time - isn't that annoying?

What if your car was only reliable most of the time? Where and when would it leave you stranded?

What if your video game only worked some of the time? Wouldn't that be frustrating?

How about a shirt that only had most of the buttons or the pants with legs that were almost the same length?

But how about the cashier that checks you out at the store, what if they don't give you the correct change or put all your items in the bag?

Think about when you go out to eat in a restaurant. What if the table wasn't completely clean or the floors or counters or your server? What if the food wasn't cooked properly? It may not taste as good as it could and if it is under cooked, it could make you sick. How often would you return to that restaurant? How long would that restaurant be in business?

How about your doctor or pharmacist? If they make a mistake, well, things could get a lot worse for you.

When you do the dishes, do you get most of them clean?

When you do chores, do you try to get by with the minimum or do you try to do a better job than others? Than everyone else?

What about things you use or borrow from others? Do you return them in at least as good of condition as you got them? Do you put things back where they came from or do you only get them close, making it hard to find the next time?

It's easy to see it in others when they don't do the little things, like when they run TO the finish line instead of running THROUGH it.

We expect perfection from others like our doctors and hospitals, restaurants, teachers, coaches, and parents, but we don't demand perfection of ourselves.

In school a grade of 70% is frequently considered passing, but in real life that often falls way below what is expected. Would you want your doctor to have gotten through medical school scoring 70% on all his tests?

Look at the tasks you do as a challenge and always strive to do better.

How would others want you to do the task? Is 90% good enough or would you want 110%?

If you practice this in the little things in your life, then when it comes to the big things that really matter, you will do a quality job that others will take note of and admire.

Remember what Jesus says in the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:13-30), "‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things. I will put you in charge of many things."

Give 110% all the time, even in the little things because it DOES matter.

Copyright © 2008 Vincent Hale