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See the Wisdom Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

Jesus said the he would send a paraclete, advocate, or intercessor that would be sent forth and draw us to the Father.

I have always had trouble picturing this, getting an image of this in my mind.

Until one day my son was baking bread and it hit me. The smell of fresh baked bread draws you to the source. And it fit so perfectly. The Son is the bread and the Spirit is the aroma of the bread that spreads out and draws us to the bread (Jesus) and through Him to the Father.

Then it dawned on me that light works the same way. What happens in a power failure? If someone has a flashlight or candle everyone is drawn to it. When you are camping, everyone is drawn to the campfire.

The symbolism of Jesus as the "Bread of Life" and "Light of the World" extends beyond the image of bread and light in that they draw us to the source, Jesus, and through Jesus to the Father.

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