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We've all done it - gone to the "school of hard knocks."

Someone tells us not to do something and we still do it. Usually we quickly find out that we should have listened to their words of wisdom.

You've probably had someone tell you that something was hot, but you still had to put your hand near it to feel the heat for yourself.

That's okay for "hard knocks" that are quick in coming and not too harmful.

But it's much more difficult when the "hard knocks" don't happen every time, the consequences are delayed, or the "hard knocks" are more dangerous.

When we are young, most of our "hard knocks" happen every time we do the action, they are quick, and not too terribly dangerous. For example touching a hot stove will burn you every time you touch it, the pain is quick, and the burn will usually heal in a few days.

As we grow older, we are faced with "hard knocks" that don't have a consequence every time and the consequences may not be felt for many years. Unfortunately, many of the consequences are more severe. We may not get to learn from the "school of hard knocks," there may not be a second chance.

Some examples of these dangers are driving fast or racing, drinking, doing drugs, not eating healthy or exercising. All of these could have an affect on the rest of your life as well as your family and friends.

As adults, we need to do our best to educate the youth about the hidden dangers that they will face. Personal stories are an effective way of doing this. Surely, some adult associated with your group will have a story to share.

"Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. (John 20:29)

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