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We all know what a couch potato is, someone who sits on a couch, watches TV, and eats. And we all know how bad that is for your body and your mind. The more you sit and eat, the fatter you get, and the less you want to do and the less you are able to do.

The body needs exercise. The more you exercise the better you look, the better you feel, and the more you want to do, and the more you can do.

The same applies to your mind. It needs exercise by learning and being challenged. Keep your mind active to keep it sharp. An active mind is a healthy mind just like an active body is a healthy body.

The same also applies to your spirit, your faith. If you just go to church and sit there, then you are a religious couch potato. You need to learn more about your faith, practice it, and exercise it. You can do this by learning about the Bible either by reading it or studying what others have learned from it. But you also need to exercise your faith by setting a good example and teaching others. One of the best ways to learn something is to teach it to someone.

The easiest thing to do is nothing. Physics tells us that a body at rest wants to stay at rest; it won't move unless something acts on it. It's the same way with people. But doing nothing is BORING.

So, don't be a couch potato! Get up off your couch and exercise your body, mind, and spirit! Get in good shape all the way around!

Copyright © 2011 Vincent Hale