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Materials Tools
2 bottles about 1"x2"
Kyro Syrup™
Food coloring
Popsicle stick
PVC ring
E-6000™ Glue

See the Moving Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

You've seen this one in stores before. It is like a liquid hourglass. The liquid slowly runs from the top bottle to the bottom one. I have not perfected this one yet. The liquid doesn't move as easily from the top to the bottom bottle as I would like and the liquid is a bit too runny. The ones I've seen in stores the liquid holds its shape more after it has fallen into the bottom bottle, mine almost immediately forms a puddle. It is also sensitive to temperature, flowing slower in cooler temperatures. If anyone comes up with something that works well, please let me know.

This would be a good slide for the Webelos Scientist pin or themes relating to science. It could also be used as a humorous slide for that "Old Drip" or someone who is "slow as molasses."

The bottles I found originally had the candy sprinkles that you put on cookies. I used only one of the screw on lids. If you can find plastic bottles with clear lids, it would look better.

Turn the bottles upside down so the liquid can flow into the empty bottle. If it doesn't want to flow, you may need to add a few drops of water to make the syrup less viscous.

Good luck!

Copyright © 2003 Vincent Hale