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Materials Tools
6 sticks 1/4-1/8" in diameter and 2" long
Red/orange/yellow cellophane wrapping plastic
PVC "D" ring
Pruning shears/clippers
Hot Glue

This would be a good slide to make on a Scout's first campout - if you have access to electricity for the hot glue gun. If electricity is out of the question, use white glue for the sticks and E-6000™ for the cellophane and ring. This will take a while to dry and will be more difficult to assemble.

Hot glue three sticks in the shape of a triangle. Hot glue three more sticks on top of the first ones. Cut out irregular, jagged shaped pieces of the cellophane plastic. Make the ends of the cellophane pointed not rounded. Stuff the cellophane between the sticks so it looks like flame jumping off logs. Then hot glue them to the sticks. Finally, hot glue a PVC ring to the back of one of the sticks.

Copyright © 2002 Vincent Hale