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Materials Tools
Film Canister
2 Brass Fasteners
3/4" x 3 3/4" Gray Craft Foam
5" wire
1/2"x1" Sticky Label
PVC Ring
Duct Tape
Black Marker
E-6000™ Glue
Hole Punch
Sand Paper

See the Film Canister Chapter for more instructions, hints, tips, and ideas.

  1. Cut end off film canister with knife (This could be done ahead of time to reduce the risk of someone getting cut).
  2. Wrap duct tape around film canister; cut off excess with scissors.
  3. Punch two 1/8" holes on opposite sides of the film canister about 3/8" from the top.
  4. Sand inside bottom of helmet and glue PVC ring to inside using E-6000™ Glue.
  5. Cut mask from foam. Wrap ends with duct tape to reinforce them. Punch holes in ends.
  6. Poke a hole in the end of the mask, run the wire through it and twist to hold.
  7. Draw eyes on label and attach to film canister centered between holes with top of label even with holes.
  8. Attach mask to film canister with brass fasteners. Do not make too tight or mask will not move freely. Hold the head of the fastener away from the film canister and then bend the ends of the fasteners.
Knight Helmet Side

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