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The purpose of this site is to provide detailed instructions for making a large variety of high quality, exciting crafts. These crafts will be treasured for years - not thrown away in a week. Each project includes a list of required materials and tools, step by step instructions, templates, photographs, drawings, short cuts, and helpful hints. Learn how to make such items as LED flashlights, God's Eye, hot plates (trivet), and a crowing rooster. Make things from clay, plaster, leather, string, foam, beads, wood, film canisters, and chenilles (pipe cleaners). Make things that move, squirt, and make noise. Learn where to find cheap/free material, what glues to use, and other special techniques.

Although a lot of the crafts are designed to make neckerchief slides for Cub and Boy Scouts, many of them can be easily adapted to Girl Scout or Girl Guide SWAPS by substituting a pin for the PVC ring.

If you would like to make a donation, please see the Donation page. The money will help me defray some of my costs and a portion of your donation will go to my pack, troop, and district. My goal is to recover my expenses, and donate the rest to meet the needs of the local scouting organizations.

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